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Wood for BBQing

For as long as BBQ has been around, there has been controversy over which woods to choose.  Some say fruitwoods or hardwoods, and others suggest green or seasoned.  But all agree on one thing, cooking with wood fires is the only way to BBQ.  The best way to discover what is best for you is to try different woods to see which flavor profile you like the best with the foods you are cooking.    

If you are smoking desserts, a fruitwood might be best for the sweet smoke it will provide.

Low, slow cooking gives you the option to control the amount of smoke infused in your food.  The longer something is smoked, the more smoke flavor it will have.

The biggest factor in choosing a proper wood is what is local and what is available for you. Remember, most fruit and nut bearing trees are the best woods to use when smoking.  

So, if you wish to experiment and create the perfect smoke for your next BBQ, invite people over to try your creations using different woods and see what they think.   

Trust me; your friends will not have a problem coming over for a free BBQ.