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Smoked Porkloin

Guinea Pig Party

Another successful guinea pig party on the books here at Smokin Bear BBQ!  What is that you ask?  It is a small gathering where we surprise our guests with new recipes to try out.  We pass out cards for them to write down their comments, suggestions, etc.   Here are just a few:  “Prime Rib – my favorite was the non-injected.  The injected was a tiny bit too hot.”  “Chicken – my favorite one was with seasoning injected, so tasty!” “Prime Rib – incredibly juicy and has the perfect amount of rub.”  “Lamb was surprisingly yet satisfying mellow on *lamb* flavor; so tender and tasty!”  “The chicken — HOLY SHIT!!”  “Phenomenal pasta salad!  Great dressing!”  “The smoked chicken was the moistest, most tender, I have ever had!  Lamb was sweet and tender, similar to the best aged T-bone; the prime rib WONDERFUL–tender, smokiness without being overpowering.”  “I will not comment on the lamb because it is MINE…ALL MINE.”    One of our guest commented “that was the most tender piece of beef I have ever eaten, what cut of beef was that?”    Bear replied, “that was actually slow smoked and lightly rubbed boneless leg of lamb.”  Our  guest was shocked!  “That was lamb??  Not beef!!??”  He complimented Bear on his  skill at serving the best BBQ he had ever had!   …and we are pretty sure he is the one who wrote the mine…all mine comment!!

Home-made Sausage

It’s the middle of Winter here in New Hampshire, and I am working on sausage! The sausages will be made by hand and stuffed in natural casings. The first is a chicken, spinach and feta cheese, made with Perdue boneless chicken thighs. The second is going to be pork with jalapeño and onion, and the third is an all beef with tomato, basil, and plenty of herbs and spices. We use fresh beef and pork from our local favorite PT Farm in Haverhill. Kim grows herbs in the summer, and dries them herself so we use those as well.

These sausages will always be made FRESH ~ never frozen ~ and to order for your New Hampshire BBQ and then, of course, slow smoked over New Hampshire hardwoods. And don’t forget, I can make them Mild or Wild! 

Can’t wait to share these with The Pit Crew! She is going to love these, as I hope all my new and past Smokin Bear BBQ clients will as well!!

Check back in to see how I’m making out!