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Honeymoon Surprise

After one particular beautiful Fall lake side wedding, we received a phone call the very next  morning: 

Caller:  “Hi!  This is the Bride.”

Bear:  “Wow!  We are surprised to hear from you today.  We figured you’d be enjoying your honeymoon right about now.”

Bride:  “Oh, we are heading out soon, but we just wanted to call and say thank you, to you, Bear, and The Pit Crew, Kim, for such a perfect meal for our wedding.  Everyone was so happy and enjoyed all you did for us on our special day!”

Bear:  “It was our pleasure to serve you, your new husband, your family and friends on your wedding day.  Congratulations!”

This is just one more sample of what we would call a blue ribbon trophy for Smokin Bear BBQ!  A bride calling us the very next morning after her wedding day to say thank you.  You can’t beat that!!


We agree with so many that it is hard to beat slow, smoked brisket.  However, people don’t realize how long it takes to make such a perfect piece of smokey goodness.  To achieve brisket bliss, it takes approx. one hour and 15 minutes PER POUND to reach perfectly smoked meaty goodness.  So, with an average size brisket — usually about 15 lbs — that works out to be over 15 hours of cook time.  Let’s put that into action with a back yard party.  We would have to show up around 17 to 18 hours prior to your event to get this party started.  Do you really want to pay for all that time?  We would suggest going with prime rib.  A few more dollars up front, but it saves you tons on the back end.  PLUS, who doesn’t love a nice slab of slow smoked prime rib?