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Smokin Bear BBQ Team

BBQ is a long time passion with many Americans.  From city to city and state to state, BBQ varies from North to South, and East to West.  Bear has brought old world BBQ and fine dining together for a truly unique and delicious experience with our style of NH BBQ.  

The Pit Boss: Bear

At the age of nine, our Pit Boss, Bear, was given a cast iron frying pan set from his beloved Nana. Since Bear loved to eat, he figured he better learn how to cook.  After cooking in a variety of restaurants, ranging from serving breakfast and hand-tossed pizza, to fine dining, Bear found his passion while living in Texas — BBQ!  Not just your usual ribs, pulled pork and brisket, although those are mighty good, but smoked burgers, baby-back ribs, prime rib, pumpkins and lobstah.  

Bear has combined his love of food — including Nana’s recipes, fine dining and classic “blue plate” specials  — to create his own style of New Hampshire BBQ which includes the best beef, pork, chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetables you may ever eat!  He has discovered the endless possibilities of cooking with smoke, and continues to try many different things.    

The Pit Crew: Kim

Kim Minear

Kim is Bear’s right-hand and they have been together since 1983.  Although she has been his prep cook for part of that time, Kim didn’t officially become “The Pit Crew” until 2013 when Smokin Bear BBQ became “official.”  She is there with a smile and two helping hands to assist with serving,  hostessing and whatever else Bear or guests need to enjoy this unique NH BBQ experience.  Kim has been doing business administration and office management, primarily in the legal field, since 1985. She partners with Bear in managing all aspects of the business —  however, she is a little better with the paperwork, and he is a lot better with the smoker!